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Watch: John Krasinski & Jason Segel Karaoke

Why am I NEVER around when something this epically cool happens.  The universe has aligned and three of my favorite things on the planet were all in one place. 1) Jason Segel 2) John Krasinski 3) Karaoke The only thing missing was ME.  Sad face. [youtube]qxMios7YTr4[/youtube]

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My Drunk Kitchen

Hannah “Harto” Hart who is responsible for the videos called into the show today. If you haven’t seen “My Drunk Kitchen” yet, it’s one of the funniest things on the internet right now. Here’s our interview with her from this morning. If you haven’t seen them yet here are all the “My Drunk Kitchen” videos […]


Teaching Toddlers to Pole Dance?

A dance studio in the UK is teaching girls as young as three years old to pole dance.  Instructor Carly Wilford says the Little Spinners classes help keeps kiddos fit and boosts their self esteem.  Carly told The Daily Mail, ‘They wanted to join in because it is such fun. There is nothing sexual about […]

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BREAKING: OJ Confessed…to OPRAH????

For the record, it’s just bloggers talking about this right now, but London’s Daily Mail says they’re uncovering evidence that OJ Simpson confessed to the murder of his wife to Oprah and some producers. Here’s a quote: Simpson allegedly told one of the producers at Oprah’s television network, called OWN, that Nicole was allegedly “yelling […]

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Ultimate Stage Diving FAIL

Ouch. Just OUCH. Failed Stage Dive – Watch more Funny Videos