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BREAKING: OJ Confessed…to OPRAH????

For the record, it’s just bloggers talking about this right now, but London’s Daily Mail says they’re uncovering evidence that OJ Simpson confessed to the murder of his wife to Oprah and some producers. Here’s a quote: Simpson allegedly told one of the producers at Oprah’s television network, called OWN, that Nicole was allegedly “yelling […]

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Ultimate Stage Diving FAIL

Ouch. Just OUCH. Failed Stage Dive – Watch more Funny Videos

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Podcasts (June 22)


VIDEO: Girl Tries To Get Fancy At Graduation…Fails

Everyone had someone at thier graduation who tried to get all cute when accepting thier diploma/degree. Maybe it was a dance move, maybe it was a hand sign, maybe it was a gymnastics move, but it was something OTHER than just shake hands and walk off stage. If you’re going to attempt a move like […]

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Is LeAnn Rimes TOO Skinny?

A lot of people are saying yes after she posted this bikini pic on her Twitter account. What do you think?