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Podcasts (June 21)

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All-Natural Chill Pills

Between everything we do in our busy lives today, it’s so easy to get SUPER stressed.  But, I found a list from Woman’s Day of all-natural items that can chill you out if you’re having a bad day. 1) Lavender – If you’re having trouble sleeping, lavender can relax the mind.  It’s recognized for aiding stress-related […]


Watch: Nicole Richie B-Spears Dance Off!

I had no idea just how big of a Britney fan Nicole Richie was!  In anticipation of Britney’s tour, Nicole posted a video of herself and a friend having an impromtu Britney Dance-Off!  Along with the clip, she Tweeted, ““In honor of my queen, @BritneySpears – Can’t wait to dance tonight!”    I must say…I […]

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Play a Video Game WHILE you Pee!

I can’t decide if this annoys me because we are so ADD that we must be entertained just to get through a simple tinkle break….or if this is the coolest thing ever and I’m just jealous because i can’t pee standing up.  Either way, please enjoy this strange new concept that is sure to take […]


Ebert SLAMS a dead Ryan Dunn

Famous film critic Roger Ebert had this to say about the death of Jackass star Ryan Dunn today via Twitter: Daaaaamn, that’s cold. What do you think? Too soon or a valid point? SOURCE