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Watch: Kitten Stuck in a Hampster Ball

No explanation needed.  This just made me smile. -Alli [youtube]go43XeW6Wg4&feature[/youtube]

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AMAZING Lunar Eclipse Pics

Check out these shots of the Moon last night!

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Father and Son SLAPFIGHT!!!

I don’t know how to feel about this video. It’s a father and his kid slapping the crap out of each other for about two or three minutes. The funny thing is they both seem to really enjoy it. Go figure. [youtube]9oIO4449CtE[/youtube]

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Go The F To Sleep: IMPROVED

I didn’t think it could be done, but someone read “Go The F To Sleep” Better than Samuel L Jackson. His name is Werner Herzog and he’s a filmmaker famous in the US for his work on the movie “Grizzly Man” about the crazy guy who lived with bears in Alaska (until they ate him). […]

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WATCH: New Video from Big Hush for “We Say”

Check out this locally shot video for the latest song from our own “Big Hush”. You can snag his new album “Always the Quiet Ones” at this link: [youtube]YarLrDFU2qo[/youtube] VIDEO CREDIT: Rock Cottage Media