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KIDS BEING ADORBS!   This is so sweet. I love when kids get creative and ESPECIALLY when they act. Check it out. Better than the original? You be the judge!


Justin Bieber Hangs Up On Interview

Here’s the full version of Justin Bieber hanging up on a radio show in Detroit. Awkward.

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PICS: Kittypalooza 2

Kittypalooza 2 is underway! The Brazos Animal Shelter is offering HALF PRICE CAT ADOPTIONS TODAY AND SATURDAY!! They have SO MANY adorable kittens and cats looking for homes. Here’s some pictures we took with them this morning: [nggallery id=228]


PICS: Is THIS Proof That Ghosts Exist

One of our street teamers was on vacation in Charleston, South Carolina and went through a tour of the “Old Prison”. In the morgue she snapped the following pic. You’ll want to focus on the lower half of the photo, specifically more towards the left: Here’s a blown up version of the section in question: […]


Before and After the Joplin Tornado

Thanks to Sabra and Sunday for joining us on the show today. Both of them live in Joplin, MO and survived the 2011 tornado that leveled the city. Sabra’s sister barely escaped with her life. She hid in a crawl space under her bathroom. Here’s a pic of her house before the storm. Here’s a […]