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VIDEO: Three Friends Get Drunk, Break into Sea World, Wake Up With Stolen Penguin

THE HANGOVER IN REAL LIFE!!!!! Leni is going to be really mad that I posted this (makes Australia look bad) but I couldn’t pass this up. Three friends in Australia got smashed and decided that breaking into Sea World, swimming with dolphins, and generally causing mayhem would be a good way to spend the evening. […]

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    So my babysitter took my toddler Gator’ huntin’ in Downtown Bryan yesterday. AND GAVE HER A SLAB OF HAM TO USE AS BAIT!  Time to get a new babysitter? :)) AND HERE IS THE REAL LIVE GATOR THAT WAS FOUND IN BRYAN YESTERDAY AND RELEASED INTO THE RIVER! HE EXISTS!! MY BABY COULD HAVE BEEN […]


VIDEO: Lawrence Knox – Aggie Swag

New A&M based rap song. Thoughts?


VIDEO: The “We’re NOT Young” Parody

Lots of people wanted me to post the video we got the Fun. “We Are Young” parody we played this morning. Here it is, and if you missed it…enjoy because it’s AMAZING!!!

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VIDEO: There’s a Cockroach In My Ear

WARNING: This video is about pulling a cockroach out of a child’s ear. Yes you read that right. There is no explanation of how the roach got in there and I don’t want to know. We present this simply because some of you are into this sort of unbelievable stuff. If you are easily sickened […]