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Flyleaf To Perform Benefit Concert For Rich Caldwell

Rich Caldwell was a fixture in the local music/radio scene and was taken too soon by a car crash not long ago. Flyleaf is stepping up in a BIG WAY and holding a benefit concert in Dallas May 20th. Here’s the details: May 2, 2012 — Platinum-selling alternative hard rock quintet FLYLEAF will gather fans […]

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VIDEO: Tanning Gone HORRIBLY Wrong

Mother of the year will NOT be going to this woman. How is it even possible to get that dark???

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VIDEO: NEW Dark Knight Rises Trailer!!!!!!

Come on July…Here’s the latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises and just like you already guessed it’s amazing.

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VIDEO: Three Friends Get Drunk, Break into Sea World, Wake Up With Stolen Penguin

THE HANGOVER IN REAL LIFE!!!!! Leni is going to be really mad that I posted this (makes Australia look bad) but I couldn’t pass this up. Three friends in Australia got smashed and decided that breaking into Sea World, swimming with dolphins, and generally causing mayhem would be a good way to spend the evening. […]

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    So my babysitter took my toddler Gator’ huntin’ in Downtown Bryan yesterday. AND GAVE HER A SLAB OF HAM TO USE AS BAIT!  Time to get a new babysitter? :)) AND HERE IS THE REAL LIVE GATOR THAT WAS FOUND IN BRYAN YESTERDAY AND RELEASED INTO THE RIVER! HE EXISTS!! MY BABY COULD HAVE BEEN […]