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VIDEO: Arlington Police/Fire Grant A Kid His Wish TO BE BATMAN!!

The police department, fire department, and mayor’s office in Arlington, Texas teamed up to grant a very cool wish for a seven-year-old named Kye who has leukemia. He wanted to be Batman for day, so they staged three crimes, with actors playing the Joker and the Riddler, and had Kye help catch them while he […]

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VIDEO: Katy Perry and Friends LOOOOOVE “Call Me Maybe”

It’s currently one of the bigger YouTube trends is dancing with your friends to “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. You know who LOOOOOOVES viral video trends (and apparently the song too) is Katy Perry.

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Candy 95 wins Crystal Radio Award for Public Service in Las Vegas

That’s a picture of my boss and owner of Bryan Broadcasting Mr. Hicks that I was just texted. What he’s holding is something that honestly I never expected to see…A Crystal Radio Award awarded to CANDY 95. In radio there are all types of awards, some for DJ’s, some for the people that choose the […]

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Vote Team Shel!!!!!

Our best weatherman friend Shel from KBTX is trying to win this year’s bobblehead contest from the Brazos Valley Bombers. Here’s how to help: Just click THIS LINK!! Fill out the form and vote for Shel. You can vote once a day.

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JUST SEE IF THIS DOESN’T MAKE YOU CRY! (SLASH FEEL A TINY BIT CREEPED OUT?) Click the link to see Hologram Pac “live” !! watch?v=ULrFtjaixbY&