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AUDIO: Director Charlie Minn Talks His Movie “Murder Capital of the World”

Thanks to Charlie for calling in and sharing about this film. It’s being screened FREE TONIGHT at 7PM at Premiere Cinema with a Q&A afterwards. You can pay to see it starting tomorrow. The movie chronicles the past year in Juarez which has been decimated by drug wars in the past few years. The issue […]


VIDEO: Baylor is Building a PALACE for a Football Stadium!!!!!!

Oh man…I’d love to hate but that looks NICE. First off, where the HELL did they get the money to build that thing? Two, I didn’t know the Brazos was that blue in real life. Three, will it still be almost entirely filled with fans of whatever visiting team is playing the Bears that week? […]

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PICS: What Would a Baby Frito Look Like?

Kim and Leni found what is a pretty amazing baby generator online. If you haven’t seen these, what they do is merge two pictures into one baby letting you test what a little you would look like. Most of the ones I’ve seen online are just horrible!! They never generate cute baby pictures, but this […]


VIDEO: The 50 Greatest “Very Special” Sitcom Episodes

Wow, this is really good. From about 1970-1995 almost EVERY sitcom had a “Very Special” episode where they dealt with serious issues. Most were horrible. Some were awkwardly funny (See Saved By The Bell and Jessie’s pill addiction), some were actually ok. found the 50 best and put them in one video!

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VIDEO: When Bro’s Play With Fire (NSFW LANGUAGE) (NSFANYONE Behavior)

Do you ever WISH for someone to have a tragic accident? Do you wonder how it is that some idiots can survive seemingly ANYTHING? The video above will make you ask BOTH of these questions. This is the story of a group of bros. One bro has somehow indestructable hair. So much so that the […]