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VIDEO: Blue Heron Flies into LION ENCLOSURE…Ends Badly

Today’s video evidence that all cats are essentially the same. I swear I’ve seen my cats do this with a sock a hundred thousand times. These just happen to be lions and the sock is a bird with a 6 foot wing span. WARNING: The bird dies. There isn’t blood, but if this sort of […]

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BLOG: Leni’s Hawaiian Adventure PART 3

Ok, so Sunday got away from me folks and Monday too and lo and behold, here we are smack bang in the middle of Tuesday. I will try to recap as best I can, the main bullet points from those two and a half days, as I see them. Sunday we took the quarter-million-a-day-rental car […]

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VIDEO: LMFAO – Sorry For Party Rocking

Here’s the latest classic video from LMFAO. These things keep getting better and better!

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BLOG: Leni’s Hawaiian Adventure PART 2

Here’s more from Leni on vacation in Hawaii: Friday started early. The time difference, coupled with the fact that I’d lately been getting up at 4.30 for work, meant that by 2am I was up and at ‘em. I decided it would be more fun if my toddler were up too, so gently coaxed her […]


BLOG: Leni’s Hawaiian Adventure PART 1

Leni is halfway around the world in Hawaii, but as usual, she is hard at work. She’s blogging all about her vacation (ON A BLACKBERRY!!) and we’re posting them here to so you all can follow along. Seriously, she’s typing these on A BLACKBERRY!! That’s pretty impressive. Here’s her Day One update: Well, we […]