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VIDEO: LMFAO – Sorry For Party Rocking

Here’s the latest classic video from LMFAO. These things keep getting better and better!

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BLOG: Leni’s Hawaiian Adventure PART 2

Here’s more from Leni on vacation in Hawaii: Friday started early. The time difference, coupled with the fact that I’d lately been getting up at 4.30 for work, meant that by 2am I was up and at ‘em. I decided it would be more fun if my toddler were up too, so gently coaxed her […]


BLOG: Leni’s Hawaiian Adventure PART 1

Leni is halfway around the world in Hawaii, but as usual, she is hard at work. She’s blogging all about her vacation (ON A BLACKBERRY!!) and we’re posting them here to so you all can follow along. Seriously, she’s typing these on A BLACKBERRY!! That’s pretty impressive. Here’s her Day One update: Well, we […]

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VIDEO: Best Movie EVER?? Abraham Lincoln: VAMPIRE HUNTER!!

Oh HELL YES!!! Best part?? Completly legit! Tim Burton produced and directed by the guy who did “Wanted”. Is there ANYONE ON EARTH that isn’t pumped up for this film? June 22nd it is SO on!

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Meet Malachy. Malachy is a Pekingese and the latest winner of the Westminster Dog Show. I’m not saying this isn’t a lovely animal…but why can’t the GRAND CHAMPION SHOW DOG actually LOOK LIKE A DOG??? Dalmations? Golden Retrievers? COLLIES??? Anything. More pictures: