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VIDEO: Taylor Swift’s NEW SONG From “The Hunger Games”!!

Get More: Taylor Swift, Safe & Sound, Music, More Music Videos Love this song and love The Civil Wars!! Great combo for a single with them and T-Swift. See what you think!

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VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon in a Fitness Battle w/ Michelle Obama!!!!

This is pure genius! Michelle Obama is promoting the new “Let’s Move” initiative to promote fitness and has been making the media rounds on Ellen and a few other shows. Instead of doing a simple interview, Jimmy Fallon decided to take it a step further and engage the First Lady in a fitness battle at […]


PIC: Here is Leni Mex!!

Yes, we’ve been trying to update the Morning Candy page. In the mean time, people are demanding to see a pic of Leni so they can put a face with the new voice. So…Here you are!!

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VIDEO: Gisele is a FANTASTIC Wife!

This really touched me this morning. The video is from post Super Bowl where Tom Brady is about to face the media to talk about the game. Look at the guy’s face. He’s in hell. Right before he walks in the room, Gisele comes sprinting out of no where to give him a giant hug […]

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VIDEO: Was THIS the Best Super Bowl Commercial of 2012?

Lots of people are saying it was. I’m not totally sold, but when you combine Adriana Lima, Chuck Liddel, Motley Crue, and more you’re off to a REALLY good start. Nice work Kia! “A Dream Car. For Real Life” Kia – Watch More Funny Videos