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Cynthia Nixon Goes Bald

Bald is Beautiful

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Do Meetings Make You Dumb

Scientists in Virginia have released a new study that says meetings actually make you dumber.  Do you agree?  Are to tired of wasting your time in meetings?  Share this article with your boss.  Click here for the full article.


Video: Miley Cyrus Covers Bob Dylan


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AUDIO: Alli’s Big Announcement

We had a bunch of people who couldn’t be around a radio at 8 this morning to hear the news and wanted to hear how it went down on-air (instead of just reading the Facebook posts). Here’s the segment and also a quick recap of what it means for the show going forward.


Questionable Billboard Gets Defaced. Was it Racist To Begin With?

Click for the full size image. Sons of Confederate Veterans. Yeah, I get it. But if you had “Sons of Nazi Veterans” we probably wouldn’t think it was too cool, right? In Frito’s opinion it’s the same thing. Notice the noose. Law enforcement is trying to figure out who added this extra bit of racism […]