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NOT KIDDING: Jay-Z & Beyonce’s baby has ALREADY RELEASED A SONG!!!

Guys, I know this sounds like the set up to a really cheesy parody song but it isn’t. Even though I’m pretty sure Jay-Z hasn’t had time to change one of Blue Ivy’s diapers yet, he’s already WROTE, RECORDED, PRODUCED, AND MASTERED a song about her. First off, it’s REALLY sweet. But here’s the cool […]

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Video: Jason Segel asked out via YouTube

What was his response???

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Video: Justin Beiber and Jaden Smith “Happy New Year”

The Biebs and Mini-Will Smith have released another collaboration.  Justin tweeted the video to all his fans at the stroke of midnight on new year’s eve.  What do you think of their new song Happy New Year? Sidenote — Jaden Smith is definitely growing up!  The last time we heard him was on “Never Say […]

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Are These Anti-Obesity Ads Too Much???

A new ad campaign to stop childhood obesity causing quite a stir.  In Georgia, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has started the shock campaign to hopefully inspire parents to get their kids to a healthy weight.  But are these ads too much?  

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Video: Zooey D. & JGL sing “What Are You Doing NYE?”

Happy Super-Cute New Year!!!