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Radio Show Orchestrates GENIUS WWE Related Prank Call

I’ll just say it. I have a hard time believing any prank call / phone scam related bit is actually real (thanks, War of the Roses). But I will say this, even if it wasn’t legit…this is HILARIOUS. VERY well done work by the Z Morning Zoo from Z104.5 in Tusla!

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He’s getting a reality show!! Here’s the local Super Bowl commercial that started it all from Georgia.

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VIDEO: Oprah’s Lindsay Lohan Documentary Looks Like It Went Well

Actually not at all. Or it could just be a compilation of the trainwreck footage before Oprah laid the smack down. HOWEVER, we DO get to see Oprah lay the smack down on Lindsay which is worth the 2.5 minutes it will take to watch the video.

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The BACK TO THE FUTURE: HOVERBOARD Video is a Fake :((((((((

Of course it was too good to be true. Funny or Die is responsible for the video that now has almost 3 million views. Check it out: Here’s the MAKING OF video: Mashable cracked the hoax due to a costume assistant’s resume. Pretty cool either way!

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BY REQUEST: The Music Video for #SELFIE

We’ve played it in a segment or two, and it’s made a My5 thus far on the show. It’s the new song by The Chainsmokers called #SELFIE. Like “The Fox” most of us (and you) have a real “love/hate” relationship with it. However since we’ve played it we’ve had several requests to post the video. […]