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Video: The Most EXTREME Black Friday Moments Captured on Camera

This is a pretty good explanation of why neither of us have ever participated. If some of these don’t qualify as rioting I don’t know what does.

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VIDEO: William Shatner Learns The Dangers of Deep Frying a Turkey

We discussed this VERY funny PSA from William Shatner concerning the art of deep frying a turkey. Check it out!

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EXCLUSIVE: Coach Kennedy’s Daughter’s Free-Throw Distractions CAUSES AN AGGIE WIN!!!

If you watched the St. Johns/A&M game last week, you know that the game ended with St. Johns missing TWO free throws at the end of regulation giving A&M the win. I wondered what could have caused a player to lose a game at the free throw line, but now the answer has been found. […]

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HILARIOUS Justin Bieber “Black Friday” Macy’s Commercial

Look, you might not be his biggest fan but you have to admit…the kid has a pretty good sense of humor. Check out the new Macy’s commercial featuring Justin to promote thier Black Friday sale.

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The Expendables 2 Poster!!!!

If you loved the first movie as much as I did (which was A BUNCH) then you know the only thing that could make it better was the addition of Chuck Norris to the cast. Well, looks like that problem got fixed. Click for the full size image: