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Video: Awesome Father-Daughter Wedding Dance!

The father-daughter dance is always one of my FAVORITE parts of any wedding reception.  It’s just such a sweet moment.  My dad and I danced to “In My Life” by The Beatles, his favorite band, of course.  Whenever I’m at a wedding, I always watch this dance the closest of all because it’s one of […]

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A New App Can ERASE KIM KARDASHIAN From The Internet

If you’re through with the Kardashians, you can now install a new app called Dash-Out. It BLOCKS any article or mention of ANY Kardashian from your web browsing experience. Not bad right? Click the link below for more from Click Here to get Dash-Out

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BREAKING NEWS: Bieber Changes His Hair….AGAIN!!!

Stop what you’re doing and sit down…Justin Bieber has once again changed his hair style. He revealed the new do on Leno last night. The basics: He now pushes the front up and has cut the sides even shorter. Here’s a pic. We think it looks pretty good, the only downside is to Frito he […]


LISTEN: Ryan Seacrest Faking Surprise at Kardashian Divorce

I heard this and had to post it. It’s from Ryan’s radio show today. Look, I’m not saying Ryan’s an evil guy (I’m actually one of his biggest fans) but he’s also the guy who most likely knows EVERYTHING that’s going on in the Kardashian family. He’s the person directly responsible for ALL OF THIER […]

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BREAKING: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Filing for Divorce

So much to say, but so little time. 72 Days will rank it among the shortest celebrity “marraiges” ever, but let’s call it what it was..a contract to make sure they had a great special for sweeps week. Nothing more nothing less. This is not me hating on Kim or the Kardashian empire but it […]