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OH MY GOD…Picture of Stephen Tyler after His Shower Slip-and-Fall

If you missed the Today Show, you missed this picture of Stephen Tyler post falling in the shower and knocking out a couple of teeth. Apparently dude wears A BUNCH of makeup/product because I seriously didn’t recognize him. Wow…

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5 WORST Television Commercials of 2011

Some of these we’ve seen, some are new to us…but ALL of them are amazingly bad. 1) POOP There it is: Luvs Diapers 2) Woman Hates Her Husband: AT&T 3) Hail to the V: Summers Eve 4) Spider 4g Phone: AT&T and Samsung 5) Weekend Apps: Geico


SHOCKING: Pics Of What Booze, Cigs, and Fast Food Do To You OVER 10 YEARS

If this doesn’t make you take a good hard look at your life I don’t know what will. A forensic expert in England altered a reporter’s photos to show what she’d look like in a decade if she drank two glasses of wine a day . . . smoked a pack a day . . […]


VIDEO: Britney Spears – Criminal

Wow! VERY sexy! And gunplay on top of everything? Nice! Britney Spears – Music – More Music Videos I will say this though, it seems like the police made a slight overreaction with the SWAT team assault though. So what do you think?


Is the tattooed Barbie inappropriate??

Check out this limited-edition Barbie from an Italian, Japanese-Inspired brand, Tokidoki.  Her neck and left shoulder a covered in tattoos.  (You can read more about it here.)  Being that Barbie Dolls are marketed to kids, is this doll inappropriate? [polldaddy poll=5602683]