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VIDEO: Britney Spears – Criminal

Wow! VERY sexy! And gunplay on top of everything? Nice! Britney Spears – Music – More Music Videos I will say this though, it seems like the police made a slight overreaction with the SWAT team assault though. So what do you think?


Is the tattooed Barbie inappropriate??

Check out this limited-edition Barbie from an Italian, Japanese-Inspired brand, Tokidoki.  Her neck and left shoulder a covered in tattoos.  (You can read more about it here.)  Being that Barbie Dolls are marketed to kids, is this doll inappropriate? [polldaddy poll=5602683]


Occupy Wall Street Rant

Already had a few emails to post my “Occupy Wall Street” rant from today, so here it is: If you want to know “what percent” you fall in, the Wall Street Journal put together a page for that: What Percent Am I? Just remember, no matter what you are here…you’re STILL IN THE 1% GLOBALLY. […]

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CHALLENGE: Finish This Story Without Crying

Neither of us could do it. Just a tease, it’s basically a real life version of The Notebook. The pictures put us over the top. If you’re up to it, the link to the story is below: CLICK HERE AND TRY NOT TO CRY

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Hot with makeup. Without? Still one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Take note women, you DON’T ALWAYS NEED IT!! [nggallery id=206]