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VIDEO: The Kid’s Guide to The Internet – 1994

Here it is. The FULL VIDEO from 1994 teaching us all about the Internet. This will make you feel VERY VERY OLD.


Morning Candy w/ Frito and Katy

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The biggest question, will it be worse than “Liz and Dick” and “I Know Who Killed Me”? Time will tell.

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The Most Over-The-Top and Awesome Stuff You Can Have in Your House

I believe this is referred to as “House Porn”. This is a list of the coolest (but completely extravagant) things you can build into your home. I’m guessing some of the craftier people out there could find a to DIY. Even if you can’t, it’s still awesome to look at. CLICK HERE FOR THE LIST: […]


The Cruelest Prank Ever Captured on YouTube

This is just wrong. SO SO wrong.