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LISTEN: Saw Em Off – Shawn Noize and Mo Wattz

SO many emails asking about the new Aggie Rap we played this AM. It’s by two locals; Mo Wattz and Shawn Noize. We just love it! Trying to get a location where you can download it and once we do we’ll post that info here. In the meantime, listen to it and see what you […]


Listen: New Kelly Clarkson Single!

Kelly Clarkson has put out a song called “Mr. Know It All”.  It’s the first single off her next album, “Stronger”, which hits stores on October 25th. 


Too Pretty for Homework?

JC Penny recently had to pull this shirt because it was sexist. Is it? Yes. Is it cute/funny? Also yes (Frito’s opinion). Was this the right move? Are we taking this a little too seriously? I mean, it’s a kids t-shirt. Is anyone really going to draw a life lesson based off of this?


WOULD YOU EAT IT: Mac and Cheese Melt

This is Denny’s latest sandwich. It starts with a burger on toast w/ double cheese. That is then covered by an order of Mac n Cheese!! You can even order “extra ooze” which makes the sandwich even cheesier. For what it’s worth, it’s 1,690 calories. BEFORE the fries. I could care less, that looks AMAZING!!

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Video: 100 Years of Style in 90 seconds!

This is so cool!  Check out 100 years of style in just 90 seconds!  This must have taken FOREVER to put together, but it captures the decoades perfectly! [youtube]7JxfgId3XTs[/youtube]