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A journey through the enchanted forest

After hosting the Central Texas Idol competion, we stumbled upon a land of magic and wonder right inside Post Oak Mall.  Take a look at our journey through the Enchanted Forest, courtesy of Suzy Q’s Children’s Photography (Only in town 8/6-8/7/2011). [nggallery id=158] While Suzy Q usually only lets the little ones take photos…what can […]

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VIDEO: Weatherman Eats Bug

The only time I’ve ever accidentally swallowed a bug was when I was mowing my lawn. Something like that happening while you’re on TV…not a good time. NBC’s Wes Hohenstein just found this out.

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VIDEO: Katy Perry and Rebecca Black LIVE!

Katy Perry had Rebecca Black bust out a duet version of Friday during her show in LA over the weekend. Check it out:

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Lyrics, bad. Idea, bad. Cameos?? Off the chain. Look for OJ SIMPSON along with ex-wife Nicole, VERY little Kim Kardashian, and others. The song is titled “I Love My Friends”.


MORNING CANDY EXTRA: Is Frito a “Fair Weather Fan”?

At the end of todays show, Frito mentioned that he has turned his back on UT Football until they prove they can win. He says it’s “refusing to accept failure”, Alli and Zach say he’s fair weather. Help them settle a bet by listening to this podcast and leaving a comment.