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VIDEO: Amy Winehouse Concert Disaster From Last Month

We referenced this video earlier on the show. For those of you haven’t seen it, Amy was completely smashed on stage in Europe. It’s called the worst concert video of all time. It’s now a sign that she was probably in a very bad place recently. Hard video to watch.


Is it sexist? Got Milk’s PMS campaign

Apparently there’s some data that says milk can relieve symptoms of PMS.  The milk marketers thought that was pretty cool and they designed a whole campaign around that concept.  But did they go about it the wrong way?  The ads are directed toward “men living wtih PMS” and feature terrified-looking husbands/boyfriends picking up milk for […]

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CAPTION THIS: Frito’s Ceiling Stain

To us it looks like a guy with an old west moustache. What do you see in the stain? Click for a larger image.

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VIDEO: Extended Fright Night Trailer

Another video release from Comic-Con last week, an extended trailer of the Fright Night re-boot coming to theatres soon starring Colin Ferrel. Can’t wait for this movie!

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VIDEO: Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer

My love of Zombie movies is WELL documented. Last year AMC unveiled a zombie series called The Walking Dead on Halloween. I’m guessing they’re planning a similiar release date for season two because they just dropped the new trailer at Comic-Con.