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VIDEO: This Kid Does NOT Want To Get Married

Oh, man…this is really cute and also REALLY funny. Check out this 5-Year-Old named Owen and his reaction to his friend Christina telling him that they’re going to be married one day. If by some shock they actually become an item in 20 years, this will make an amazing video to show at the reception!

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Best of Morning Candy (July 25)

More segments available in our Podcast page (click podcasts in the Media tab). I feel so bad for snorers. Mostly because I’ve been there, but what are you supposed to do if nothing works? Not to say this is a bad idea…I just feel for the poor guy who accidentaly finds himself snoreing in the […]

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Should You Wear Pants Today???

  With temperatures so rediculously hot, it can be difficult to decide whether or not pants should be a part of your wardrobe for the day.  Now it’s easier than ever to answer that question!  Just go to… Enter your zipcode and get an immediate decision based on current weather conditions (temperature, humidity, and […]


VIDEO: Amy Winehouse Concert Disaster From Last Month

We referenced this video earlier on the show. For those of you haven’t seen it, Amy was completely smashed on stage in Europe. It’s called the worst concert video of all time. It’s now a sign that she was probably in a very bad place recently. Hard video to watch.


Is it sexist? Got Milk’s PMS campaign

Apparently there’s some data that says milk can relieve symptoms of PMS.  The milk marketers thought that was pretty cool and they designed a whole campaign around that concept.  But did they go about it the wrong way?  The ads are directed toward “men living wtih PMS” and feature terrified-looking husbands/boyfriends picking up milk for […]