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BY REQUEST: The Music Video for #SELFIE

We’ve played it in a segment or two, and it’s made a My5 thus far on the show. It’s the new song by The Chainsmokers called #SELFIE. Like “The Fox” most of us (and you) have a real “love/hate” relationship with it. However since we’ve played it we’ve had several requests to post the video. […]

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We’ve listened to this at least 15 times and between us we can’t decide if this is a real attempt at a song or not. The “artist” is named IceJJFish. He’s got a full catalog on YouTube. Thoughts???

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Coldplay Releases New Song. Frito Faints.

By far the most different sound the band has put out thus far. It’s called “Midnight” and no word if it’s tied to any particular project. They released “Atlas” this year on the Catching Fire soundtrack but a new album is not (allegedly) in the works. Frito has been nerding out to this since it […]

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Chilifest 2014: Whiskey Myers

In continuing to get everyone better acquainted with Chilifest 2014 artists, I’ll be updating regularly with tid bits and videos from and about the artists performing. Today’s update brings us to the boys of Whiskey Myers. Their 2011 album Firewater was nothing short of an amazing piece of work that actually took my a couple of […]

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Miley & Katy sitting in a tree…

I’ll be honest, I thought there’d be a lot more to this video, but Katy wasn’t having any of it. I thought Katy kissed a girl and liked it before? What did, in the last few years has she realized she didn’t like it as much as she thought she would? Maybe, she just didn’t […]