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Girl Scout Season

Friday, Jan. 6 marks the start of the 2012 Girl Scout Cookie Program. A time innocent looking children who just happen to also be master manipulators will successfully sell over 200 million boxes of cookies to unsuspecting locals.. who end up spending their hard-earned income on devil cookies. Being the 100th year, they’ve also created […]


Adam Knight’s Book Club: 11.22.63: a Novel By Stephen King

Okay so I’ve been slacking on my book club, but I’ve got much better taste in literature, and I don’t have my own publishing company or political agenda to profit from, so I don’t take it as seriously as the O.  Add to that the Holidays were an extremely busy time for me and I […]

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Road Warrior for January 4th!

QUESTION:  According to a recent survey some hiring employers were so impressed or in some cases UN-Impressed by this that it became part of their hiring process. What is it? A: Facebook page  Congrats to Eric, he won free Caffe Capri. Tune In Tomorrow at 4pm for more Road Warrior Trivia! If you ever miss […]


Blind Date

If any show should get a comeback in 2012, it should be this one. Remember “Blind Date,” that awkward ’90s dating show featuring mean and snarky pop-up commentary? Yeah, watch this little gem featuring regular Ken Scalir. It’s like the best worst blind date ever reduced to just Geeze, Ken just can’t catch a break. […]

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Video: Justin Beiber and Jaden Smith “Happy New Year”

The Biebs and Mini-Will Smith have released another collaboration.  Justin tweeted the video to all his fans at the stroke of midnight on new year’s eve.  What do you think of their new song Happy New Year? Sidenote — Jaden Smith is definitely growing up!  The last time we heard him was on “Never Say […]