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Because Truck Nutz are Old News..

So I just read that Harry Balz Novelties, the world’s largest supplier of auto floor mats, spinners and off-brand feminine hygiene napkins, will finally shift their massive manufacturing might from ‘Truck Nutz’ — the most profitable product in the company’s history. “Car thongs” are the now the new ‘truck nutz.’ Yup, you heard it here […]

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How to Pull a Robbery

No, not that kind. This past weekend, my friend was out at a bar meeting up with a guy from her class. She had a major crush on him and she was super excited he’d asked her out.. so why did she end up with his best friend? The answer? It was a classic robbery. […]

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SHOCKINGLY GOOD: Ke$ha Covers Bob Dylan

The song is “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright”. It’s one of the greatest songs in Dylan’s catalogue. We played a short clip during Buzz this morning. We were all SHOCKED by how good a job she does with it. Just phenomenal in our opinion. Once again, file this under our case for “Ke$ha is an […]

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Morning Candy / KBTX Brazos Valley This Morning’s Fave Christmas Songs

We talked favorite Christmas songs today on KBTX. It seems we all like some of the odder Christmas songs out there. Obviously this one we just discovered last week had to make the short list: It’s been stuck in our head ALL WEEKEND. Shel Winkley brought this one to our attention featuring Warner Bros cartoon […]

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VIDEO: OFFICIAL Men In Black 3 Trailer!!!!

Here it is!! The movie comes out this summer, but we now have our first official look at MIB 3! See what you think: