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Concert Accountability

So Rihanna was an hour and 5 minutes late to her show in London last night.. on the heels of being 90 minutes late for a show in Belfast just the week before. This guy’s really angry about it, but he makes an interesting point. When you go to a concert, you are assuming the […]

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VIDEO: Snooki Hits HSN

We’re one season away from the end of Jersey Shore as we know it, that means lots of the cast are branching out into other things. Some have spin off shows in the works, others are promoting nutritional supplements, some are fashioning clothing lines…some are doing ALL of these. Mainly Snooki. Check out her selling […]

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Road Warrior Trivia for November 15th!!!

QUESTION: ¬†According to a recent poll , nearly 40% of American’s said this has or has almost¬†happened to them. What is it? A: Hit by a distracted driver. Congrats to Sandy, she won free Caffe Capri. Tune In Tomorrow at 4pm for more Road Warrior Trivia! If you ever miss the answer, I will post […]


OH MY GOD!!!!! Alaskan Drink Contains a HUMAN TOE…Univ of Texas Fan DRINKS IT!!!!

Horn fans/alums, I’m sorry but when someone emails me a video of a Univ. of Texas fan NEARLY EATING A MUMMIFIED HUMAN TOE I’m almost required by law to post it. First some backstory: Only in Alaska would someone create a beverage known as a “Sour Toe”. It’s a shot with a human toe inside […]

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Internet Sensation “Hippo Man” Dead…after being mauled by Hippo

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen several stories and accounts detailing why owning exotic pets (lions, tigers, bears…hippos) really is one of the stupider things one can do. Here’s another one. Marius Els was a farmer in South Africa who raised a hippo named Humphry from when he was a baby. Videos of Marius […]