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Brad Pitt Leaving The Big Screen?

It looks like your worst nightmare has come true fangirls.  Bradd Pitt told Australia’s 60 Minutes that he will be retiring from acting in three years.  This would make a Pitt 50 years old at the time of retirement.  Brad hinted at possible directing, writing, or producing in the near future. He was quoting saying, […]

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Road Warrior Trivia for November 14th!!!

QUESTION:  33% of Americans can’t name a single one of these – what is it? A: What they received for Christmas last year! Congrats to Francisco, he won free Caffe Capri. Tune In Tomorrow at 4pm for more Road Warrior Trivia! If you ever miss the answer, I will post it here on my page, […]

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LISTEN: The latest “Breaking Dawn” readings from Big Daddy Downs

Highly. Sensual.

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DON’T DATE Your Friends EX!!!

Cutting through Katy’s Bad Advice: Real Relationship/Dating Answers from Adam Knight! Despite what you may have heard: IT IS NEVER OK TO DATE YOU FRIEND’S EX!!! Askmen’s David Wygant is WRONG and Katy is spreading dangerous misconceptions and advice. Here’s her article:  Katy the hopeless romantic, the very young, very naïve midday DJ on Candy […]

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Family Guy Takes on 9/11

Abortion. Gay Marriage. Serial Killing. Nothing is off limits for Seth McFarlane.. but should it be? Last night Family Guy took on perhaps the most sensitive subject in modern America: the attacks of September 11th, 2001. In the episode Stewie and Brian going back in time, at one point intervening to prevent the terrorist attacks […]