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Road Warrior Trivia for December 8th!!

QUESTION:¬† According to a recent poll, ¬†Everyone has heard of this, but only 17% have eaten it…What is it? A: Caviar! According to USA Today ¬† Congrats to Lindsey, she won free Caffe Capri. Tune In Tomorrow at 4pm for more Road Warrior Trivia! If you ever miss the answer, I will post it here […]

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join me tonight at Ozona for party on the patio!


How to Fix a Broken Zipper

Have you ever contemplated throwing away a perfectly good pair, maybe even your favorite pair of jeans because the zipper keeps falling down? I have your solution, and it is so simple I can not believe I never thought of it. You’re welcome. Just attach the split key ring to the top of your zipper. […]

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VIDEO: Is This Newscaster Drunk On-Air? You Decide!

I can’t tell. Maybe she’s tired, maybe she’s on medication, or maybe she just loves scotch.

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LEAKED: The Lindsay Lohan Playboy Cover

The official release date is two weeks from today, but it’s already online. Here you go, in case you were curious: