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Adele Makes Everyone an Emotional Mess

Hilarious SNL skit from the weekend featuring Adele’s “Someone Like You.” Soo true. I hope you noticed Bill Hader’s black tears at the end. This is too good. Is Adele your emotional go to artist? Or I guess better question.. do you have an emotional artist? I listen to Drowning Pool’s “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” […]


Video: World’s Longest Hot Wheels Track

I have officially found would could possibly be the most interesting video on all of the internet.  Remember when you were a kid trying to make epic Hot Wheels tracks?  This is Hot Wheels taken to a whole new level! I present to you the world’s longest Hot Wheels track. -Krash


More Proof Facebook Owns You: Relationship Edition

Let’s be real here, you’re out in the real world and meet somebody great. But in today’s society of creeps and weirdos you have to check him/her out right? How many of you can honestly tell me that you don’t immediately search someone on facebook after you meet? It’s almost been engrained in our brains […]

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OPTICAL ILLUSION: Which Do You See: Einestien or Marilyn Monroe

This is pretty weird. Here’s how it works. The closer to the screen you are, you’ll see Einstien. The farther you move back…it becomes Marilyn Monroe. Depending on your vision you’ll have to get up to 16 feet away from the computer before it turns 100% Marilyn. We have no idea how this was accomplished.


Dating Your Friend’s Ex

Is it ever okay? says sure!  David Wygant wrote this handy article to guide you through this step by step. One of the eternal questions that plague men all over the world is, what are the  rules about dating your friend’s  ex? Is there some kind of man  code that says that once […]