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HO-NO: Listen to Johnny Depp’s Controversial Christmas Song

Johnny Depp never ceases to amaze me. He’s recently decided to lend his voice for the offensive lyrics that comprise a controversial new Christmas song by the British band Babybird. In a move he most certainly had to see coming, conservative groups Christian Coalition and Focus on the Family have lashed out at the actor […]



We love seeing what Artists request for thier dressing rooms/busses before a show. Adele had to cancel her tour due to vocal issues but before she made that decision her rider list was already ready to go. Here it is thanks to The Smoking Gun. Funny stuff includes the fact that she finds American beer […]


MUG SHOT OF THE DAY: This is Why You Don’t Try To Rob an MMA Expert

On Friday night, 24-year-old Anthony Miranda of Chicago walked up to a car, pointed a gun at the driver, and told him to get out and give him some money. Here’s what he didn’t know. The driver . . . who was only identified by his first name, Justin . . . is a mixed […]

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Krash’s Top 10 Party Songs of 2011 (Numbers 8-7)

Here are song numbers eight and seven of my list!¬† Be sure to leave comments on the tracks you’d like to see next. -Krash

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Sext. Abbrevs.

There’s just something soo naughty about abbreviating sext messages.. it’s like.. I want to say something dirty, but I feel lazy and don’t quite want to type it all out. So here’s a little list of the abbreviations you should¬†know. Stop me if you’ve heard these before, but I can almost guarantee you haven’t.. EVER. […]