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My Fake Uggs Are Made Out of WHAT?????

This guy. He’s what in Great Britain is referred to as a “racoon dog”. From what I was reading I couldn’t determine if it is some weird breed of dog or just a racoon or a combination of racoons and dogs going to form the “fur lining” portion of the popular boots. Yikes!! There’s a […]

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Biebs to Appear on Maury?

I can already see this playing out magically in my brain: millions of teenie boppers on the edge of their seats waiting for Maury Povich to reveal the results of Justin Bieber’s paternity test. A spokesperson for “Maury” says they are working on getting Justin to do his big reveal on the show. If you’ve […]

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7 Plays Every Bro Should Know: From Barney Stinson’s “The Playbook”

If you didn’t know, WINNING and Being AWESOME are 2 of my Hobbies.  However for those of you that weren’t born with my natural gifts and abilities, you’re still in luck, because Barney Stinson has written a book to help you!

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Krashing Down ‘Survivor South Pacific’ Episode #9

Episode #9:  “Cut Throat” Player Of The Week:  John Cochran Player Of The Week Standings: 1.  Coach – 3 Wins 2.  Jim – 2 Wins 3.  Ozzy – 1 Win 3.  Dawn – 1 Win 3.  Cochran – 1 Win 3.  Mikayla – 1 Win (Eliminated) -Krash


Guys: 5 Awkward Date Situations – Solved

You’re welcome in advance. Cosmo did a new poll to figure out how women want you to respond to certain awkward dating scenarios and you might be surprised by the results. Try these this weekend when you take out your girl and I can almost guarantee you won’t be spending your nights sweet talking your […]