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It’s just rain, you will make it!  Give me a ring it’s time to KRASH your Saturday.  979-764-9595

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Krashing Down ‘Survivor One World’ Episode #1

Episode 1: “Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules” Survivor is back!  And boy am I excited.  18 new castaways set foot in Samoa for the adventure of a lifetime.  This go around Survivor has a new twist to offer.  A tribe of men and a tribe of women must live on the same beach together.  […]


Hot Babes We Should Know About (2/11 – 2/17)

Brittany Kerr claimed her second victory in a row last week!  Now it is time for a new opponent.  I delved into the great world of sports for this beauty! Milene Domingues – Week #5 Challenger With an exotic name like Milene, you know this lady must be HOT!  Milene Domingues is a retired soccer […]

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Whitney Houston Reported Dead At Age 48

Reports are flying up everywhere that pop legend Whitney Houston has died today at age 48.

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Video: Dad Shoots Hole Through Daughters Laptop

I don’t know if I’d call this parenting 101, but I’m sure it’s effective.  A 15 yearold girl bad mouthed her parents via Facebook.  After the dad found out he made this video, in which he SHOOTS her laptop.  Good parenting, or psychotic dad?  I’ll let you decide. WARNING: Vulgar Language -Krash