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VIDEO: Bieber Drops A Mad Freestyle

This is no joke here!  Watch Justin Bieber lay down a sick freestyle at an LA radio station. For the record, I DON’T believe Biebs is a baby daddy. -Krash

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Lets fist pump this weekend!  764-9595 hit me up!

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Krashing Down ‘Survivor South Pacific’ Episode #8

Episode #8:  “Double Agent” Player Of The Week:  Benjamin “Coach” Wade Player Of The Week Standings: 1.  Coach – 3 Wins 2.  Jim – 2 Wins 3.  Ozzy – 1 Win 3.  Dawn – 1 Win 2.  Mikayla – 1 Win (Eliminated) -Krash

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What happens on a Britney tour..

..You can easily access on the internet. (SFW) Apparently, every night while on tour during the “Lace and Leather” set, Britney Spears pulls up one lucky guest onto the stage for a raunchy strip tease, and last night’s guy was  her opening act—Joe Jonas! ..Is it just me or does he look absolutely terrified?   […]

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Alexandra Stan Accused Of Plagiarism

Alexandra Stan the beautiful Romanian vocalist of  “Mr. Saxobeat” has been accused of plagiarizing the chorus of her latest song “One Million”.  The accuser is rap group M&G claiming their track “Millioane” has been ripped off.  Is Alexandra a thief or is it just a coincidence?  Listen below and you decide! -Krash