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“The Muppets” Give Big Stars the Axe

You won’t believe which stars got dropped on the cutting room floor..

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NBA Lockout Over?

A bunch of millionaires and billionaires fight over $4.3 billion dollars. Raise that $10 beer. The NBA season starts December 25.. because that’s what Jesus would have wanted..

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Nicki Minaj vs Cher

Two divas, an army of fans, and a fight.. all in under 140 characters.

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Video: Miley Cyrus – Self Proclaimed “Stoner”

Miley Cyrus‘s attempt to fall from grace continued last week at her 19th birthday party.  This one may top her list of crazy antics.

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Update Your Parents’ Browser Day

“No, seriously, Dad, how can you be using a browser developed during the Clinton administration? That was like 10 presidents ago.”