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Occupy Wall Street or Black Friday?

Here’s a fun Thanksgiving game for the whole family: did these pictures of unruly crowds come from an Occupy Movement or Black Friday?

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Video: Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez Perform Together for the first time

Taylor Swift invited her best firend, Selena Gomez, to perform with her during her “Speak Now” tour stop at Madison Square Garden.  Thisis the first time that the besties have performed a song together!

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Justin Bieber’s Bungle Bells

At least he proved he wasn’t lip syncing..

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Kris Humphries suing Kim Kardashian?

And here she was thinking the pre-ordered Christmas cards were a big deal..

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And the Winner is..

I don’t really care about reality shows like “Dancing with D List Celebrities,” but I think everyone will enjoy the results from last night.. And Ricki Lake got HOW far?!