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Kanye West Calls Kim Kardashian a !@#$%

..What a catch!

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WOAH! Check out Jennifer Lawrence’s Paycheck for “Catching Fire”

She’s pulling HOW MUCH?!

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Bryan mother of three dies. DPS needs your help

33 year old and mother of Three, Tracey Louise White was killed Sunday when a piece iron fell off an 18-wheeler truck and went through the windshield of the pickup truck she was riding in and struck her in the head.

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PICS: Michael Phelps Parties with his Gold Medals

Will my GOLD buy these shots??

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PICS: Gaga’s Wildest Tranformation YET

in case you’ve ever wondered what Lady Gaga would look like as a unicorn.. click here. looks like a big joke to me.. like something off Zoolander.