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PICS: Macaulay Culkin is Addicted to Heroin?

This is really sad. In case you’ve been wondering what that adorable kid from “Home Alone” has been up to, here’s your answer. So unless you count injecting a cocktail of prescription meds into your bloodstream.. the answer is nothing. The Enquirer does run BS stories occasionally, but they wouldn’t run something like this without […]

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PIC: Best Beach Body of All Time?

According to the Brits, that is the best beach body a woman could have. Thoughts?

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Cuba Gooding Jr. WANTED By Police

And I always thought he was such a nice guy! Police have issued an arrest warrant for Cuba Gooding Jr. after an altercation at a New Orleans bar in the early hours of this morning, according to TMZ. The Jerry Maguire actor is accused of shoving a female bartender at the Old Absinthe House on […]

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PICS: Leaked U.S. Olympic Gymnast Danell Leyva (NSFW)


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GRAPH: The Subway Avocado Olympian Commercial EXPLAINED

FINALLY. I was also confused as to what this commercial was trying to say, but luckily the people at Gawker are all over it, so I merely have to give you this link. Huzzah!