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VIDEO: ‘Jersey Shore Shark Attack’ Coming to Syfy!!

Bronzer, bikinis, blowouts, blood… I’m there!

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PICS: Tanning Mom Pre-Mesozoic Tanning Era! She’s Kindda Hot!

She actually had a woman’s body and a pale, pre-tanned face!

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Oh no, it’s just Lindsay Lohan. I got confused because they look SO SIMILAR. Hahah I’m totally joking. She looks nothing like her.. instead she looks more like Snooki or that tanning mom. This is bad. The contacts are off and her hair is just, just awful. See the pics here. What do you think?

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Video: A Scared Mother Steals Bank Robber’s Car By Accident

“The first car I saw, I jumped in.”

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VIDEO: MTV’s Exclusive ‘Katy Perry: Part Of Me’ Clip

“I’m not gonna watch you if you’ve got half your clothes off” – Katy’s mom