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NEW COUPLE: Kim Kardashian + KANYE WEST!

TMZ has the pics and the details of a rebound relationship between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. We talked about Kanye’s new song “Theraflu” in which he raps that he hooked up with Kim during her 72 day marraige. They had a date last night at the movies at “The Hunger Games”. Allegedly they had […]

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VID: Vincent Tang, Storm-Chaser

Come for the raw footage of a tornado, stay for Vincent’s commentary.


Selena Honors Selena

If there was ever a time to use a retro zigzag, this is it!

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Kelly Clarkson Covers Britney Spears

“This Kitten Got Your Tong Tied In Knots I See”

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Ryan Gosling Saves A Woman’s Life!

This wasn’t on a movie set.