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Last Day

Today’s my last day as the Candy95 Intern. It’s been great guys! [youtube]dO1PYvloBtk&feature[/youtube]


Mike Rowe: The QVC Years

Before he was the star of”Dirty Jobs” and the voice of “Deadliest Catch”, Mike Rowe was a QVC anchor, making a living trying to sell crap  that nobody wanted. [youtube]kbd2DucRe1M&feature[/youtube]


Serenading Unicorn Sings Michael Bolton.

I can’t believe Ali has never seen the serenading unicorn! This one really tugs at your heart strings. [youtube]ia5SeugZMAw[/youtube]

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Harrison Ford vs. Chewbacca

Apparently there’s some bad blood between Harrison Ford and his former “Star-Wars” co-star. [youtube]sWTtMdXAazs[/youtube]

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Motherly Love

In keeping with Frito’s pic of motherly love, I found a few others that you might like.