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Crazy Mountain Biking

It feels like you’re┬áriding a daggum roller coaster! [youtube]Y1NOvLB9szg[/youtube]

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Crazy Penalty Kick

Wow. The goalie totally got owned [youtube]ultDaICPTB4&feature[/youtube]

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Kenny Rogers Jackass

Probably MadTV’s most shining moment (besides Stewart) [youtube]VV6In1K8zKk&feature[/youtube]

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Baby Got Back-Acoustic

I’m gonna slow it down……for the ladies [youtube]Ltjbnyvq_SI[/youtube]

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The Voices Behind Transformers

Pretty cool to see the people behind the machines. Had no idea Hugo Weaving was Megatron [youtube]aJKGAZO4beI[/youtube]