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Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

These kinds of things are what make America great [youtube]BEP6gAQCPcg[/youtube]


Funny Cat Fails

And who said cats were smarter than dogs? [youtube]ganAki3VRrs[/youtube]

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Cowboys and Aliens Trailer

Am I the only one excited about this movie? Come on people, it’s a combination of sci-fi and westerns! If only John Wayne could come back from the dead, then those aliens wouldn’t stand a chance [youtube]UqbUVMjndx4[/youtube]

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I’ve Often Wondered What’s Wrong With My Roommate. It Could Be That He’s An Astros Fan

Notice the jersey that the gentleman who high-fives the woman is wearing. [youtube]6locBvdMJtw[/youtube] [youtube]dxKVrWRAZnY&feature[/youtube] The nice reporter lady totally rips him a new one [youtube]SIIEkxyCWCs[/youtube] This is what you get when you play games inside and in the air-conditioning. If you’rs outside in the heat, like Baseball is supposed to be played, then the fans […]

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Save A Geek

Signing my roommates up for this today [youtube]u7M-SdoIusY[/youtube]