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Selena Gomez pays tribute to Britney Spears during concert

During one of her recent shows, Selena Gomez put on a Britney-esque outfit and paid tribute to the pop princess by doing a medley of her biggest songs. She even did the matching dances! It’s a little awkward, right? She has the dancing ability of “new Britney,” if not worse, but is trying to do […]

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Video: Move over Justin Bieber & Rebecca Black!

1) The New Justin Bieber??? Watch out Biebs!  There’s a new kid on the music scene with a golden voice and killer swoopy bangs.  Ronan Parke was one of the finalists from “Britain’s Got Talent.”  He’s got an album coming out in October.  But he just released this cover of Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” on his […]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Tampa Bay mascot gets owned by security guard

The mascot is supposed to be the coolest and most entertaining dancer at the game… until he challenges a security guard who doesn’t want any of his ish. [youtube]VWv5Flp0DCA[/youtube]

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VIDEO: Matt Damon owns a cameraman

Matt Damon isn’t afraid of looking like an ass, which makes him a bit of a badass in my eyes. When someone started talking smack about the quality of teachers, he let the reporter and camerman have a piece of his mind. [youtube]WFHJkvEwyhk[/youtube] Atta boy, Matty!

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VIDEO: Cover/medley of Rihanna songs

I’m a sucker for covers like this, plus I love all things Rihanna… so when Matisse did this cover/medley of Rihanna songs, I instantly melted. SO. GOOD. AND it’s from my favorite YouTube channel. Lovelovelove.