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MOVIE TRAILER: Justin Timberlake in “In Time”

Just when I thought Justin Timberlake wouldn’t be doing any serious movies [and just when I thought he didn't have time to do any more movies any time soon], he proved me wrong… on both accounts. “Friends With Benefits” has only been out a week, and he’s already promoting his next movie, “In Time,” alongside […]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Rapper falls off stage hard core

It’s ALWAYS funny to see someone fall off the stage while performing… it’s even better when it’s a Christian rapper at a summer camp, falls HARD CORE, everything stops, then he just keeps going while one of his stagemen runs off laughing.

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MOVIE TRAILER: Battleship, starring Rihanna!

Rihanna is making her big-screen acting debut in the upcoming movie “Battleship,” which is due to be out sometime next year. The movie is supposed to be inspired by the board game, and it appears that Rihanna is going to be handling some big guns. Check out the trailer (and keep your eyes peeled for […]

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Watch: “The Man Without a Facebook” Trailer

This has made my day!  And…I’m not sure this movie is too far-off from reality… [youtube]a69RpEBJFAY[/youtube] Oh, by the way….Will you be our friend on Facebook???

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: The best movie mirror pep talks of all time

Apparently I’m in a motivational kind of mood this week when it comes to daily videos. Check out the best of the best when it comes to giving yourself a mirror pep talk in movies.