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LISTEN: Karmin Covers Jay-Z

Check out this awesome mashup from Karmin of thier song “Carbon Copy” and Jay-Z’s Encore. Video was shot as a promo for Rocawear. [youtube]xs-4Jriltps[/youtube]

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Watch: The “Mini Warbler” is Back!!

As if this little “Gleek” has not brought us enough joy already…The Mini Warbler has a NEW video.  This time Kellen Mirador Sarmiento belts out Pink’s “Raise Your Glass,” complete with all the Warbler choreography.  Enjoy! [youtube]v8FCP0ZoZiA[/youtube] (click here to watch Kellen’s first video, “Teenage Dream”) Want to know more about this Gleek in Training?  […]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Biggie inspired lacrosse announcer

What’s the best thing to start quoting when someone scores a lacrosse goal?! A Notorious BIG song, of course. [youtube]5ofmtkA1XTk[/youtube] I mean… lacrosse, though?! Does it get ANY whiter?!


LISTEN: The Bryan/College Station anthem

Ever heard of Big Hush? By now you probably should have, but if not- you better jump on the bandwagon QUICK. He’s a local rapper and made a song/music video all about BCS and the greatness it has to offer! Every town needs its anthem, and YAY! Now we have it! [youtube]QTYrxyGux2M[/youtube] GOOD, right?! If […]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Drunky can’t get out of the bathroom

Some drunk dude was “locked inside of the bathroom stall” and didn’t know how to get out. The guys who were trying to explain it to him started recording. Wait for it… wait for itttt….. HAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAAHA.