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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Angry Birds in real life!!

T-Mobile comes up with some genius marketing strategies… Their latest- letting people play Angry Birds.. IN REAL LIFE! [youtube]jzIBZQkj6SY[/youtube]

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Watch: Emotional Cat Lady

This apparently is an eHarmony video bio for an insane cat lady.  She tries to explain why you would want to date her, and she starts balling over cats.  If this girl is serious she needs psychological evaluation.  If she is faking… well she still won’t be winning over any men this decade. [youtube]mTTwcCVajAc[/youtube] Doesn’t […]

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Sexy Sax Man Takes Over Radio Station!

Remember how I promised I’d get back to you guys on “Sexy Sax Man”?  Well here’s a new vid of him invading a radio station staff meeting in NYC.  How much would it cost to get this guy in BCS?  #Fundraisers? [youtube]KIWLC4S34Ec[/youtube] -Krash

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Shampoo prank

I don’t understand how this really went on for so long… He must have gotten some shampoo in his eyes and couldn’t open them or something. Either way, it’s flipping hilarious and I wish I could try. [youtube]6PKQE8FM2Uw[/youtube]

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Watch: What a Hula-Hoop Sees

This video will make you very dizzy, but I applaud the creative concept! [youtube]3GVrO1VYAOI&feature[/youtube]