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VIDEO: Dad’s Sacrificing Thier Kids For Foul Balls

Father of the Year nominations are in and these two are at the top of the list. First, here’s a guy who DROPS HIS CHILD for an oppertunity to catch a foul ball. [youtube]4YlK4DlzNsc[/youtube] Here’s one where Dad has to extend to make the play on the foul ball and ends up falling. Don’t worry […]

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Real Life Hot Wheels Jump!!!!


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Would You Drop Your Daughter to catch a foul ball?

This guy did… Watch him as he holds his daughter up on the wall to watch the game, then the foul ball is coming straight for him, and he forgets all about his precious daughter, drops her on her head and tries to catch the ball, and drops it too… [youtube]4YlK4DlzNsc[/youtube] Worst Dad of the […]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: 50 states’ stereotypes in two minutes

This guy has a new book coming out ["States of Confusion"] and did this promo for it which has every state’s stereotype said and demonstrated quickly. Considering I kinda rep at least five states, I’m thinkin’ this thing is pretty on point.

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Watch: Beyonce backstage at “Idol”

Jay Z  was hanging out backstage at “American Idol” last week when Beyonce performed her new song “1+1″.  He posted this video of her rehearsing before taking the stage.  It’s just further proof of what an amazing singer she is. [youtube]hyBJ8cIUR9M&feature[/youtube]