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Sexy Sax Man Owns Careless Whisper… MUST WATCH!

His name is Sergio Flores and he plays the saxophone.  It appears in this vid he only knows one tune, and it is absolute gold!  He plays his favorite track, “Careless Whisper” everywhere he goes, mall, street, crowded classroom, everywhere!  Watch below as Sergio evades everyone including the police, in order to share his passion […]


VIDEO: The Joplin Relief Drive

Tuesday was a crazy day in an awesome way. If you didn’t get a chance to stop by to witness it for yourself, Elizabethany whipped up this video of the event. It’s touching and inspiring what the Brazos Valley did for Joplin that day. Brazos Valley Joplin Relief Drive from candy95 on Vimeo. To check […]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: He wants to be on GLEE!

Who likes Glee?! How bout American Idol?! If you like ‘em both, check out AI’s season 9’s Todrick Hall, and his campaign to be on Glee! I fully support this! [youtube]d0pfVBN400g[/youtube] Also, he has an AMAZING “It Gets Better” song/video. Check it out. Like.. now. [youtube]IfQJ_V9K3EM[/youtube]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: An old one of Scotty McCreery

Tim Halperin posted this video of Scotty from before they found out their Top 40 fate. As soon as I saw this, it sealed the deal for me. I want Scotty to win. [youtube]vS-PgIe5w2A[/youtube] He’s so humble, down to Earth, and hilarious! Plus- HELLA talented. I think the only thing that sucks is we probably […]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Reporter calls herself stupid

Someone was definitely out to get this lady. She obviously pissed off the wrong person, and now they’re probably both going to pay for it. [youtube]HuHquaA7n7Y[/youtube]