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VIDEO OF THE DAY: The baby man

I really don’t know if this is freaky or hilarious, but an infant mask on a grown man is definitely interesting. [youtube]u3gEKK_fGvU[/youtube] The announcers laughing may be one of the best parts, though.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: The ultimate 90s flashback

In 3.5 minutes, this will have your brain going all sortsa nutso with memories from the 90s. Have fun and enjoy the ride. [youtube]9OrxqVWTpIU[/youtube] This made my creativity wheel start turning… Maybe I should start making some of these. It wasn’t the best-produced video ever… I could totally do better. Be on the lookout, fools!

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Billy the Kidd’s “Famous for Nothing”

Billy the Kidd, on air in Dallas, made this rather FANTASTIC song about being famous for nothing…. and you need to listen. Now. [youtube]nAJj3EvRze4[/youtube]

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VIDEOS OF THE DAY: A puppy, a sloth, and an otter

What’s cooler than your average dog who plays a mean game of fetch?  A dog who catches. [youtube]Z725kzkp7d8[/youtube] A three toed sloth trying to cross the road… And you thought old ladies took forever… [youtube]ES32UFlPOUA[/youtube] Hey Mr. Otter… pick on someone your own size! [youtube]oF9QjAomzeI[/youtube] (But seriously… I want a pet otter… like… bad.)

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J.Lo’s audio cuts out at Wango Tango

Over the weekend, KIIS in LA put on their Wango Tango concert. Jennifer Lopez was one of the performers, but had a pretty epic technical malfunction on stage. Mid-“On the Floor,” her sound cut out. She tried to keep going, and eventually stopped exclaiming that no one could bring her down! Check out two point […]