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Parents teaching their toddler to beer bong…

Wow…Just Wow….Okay so the kid is downing a Capri Sun in one gulp.  I’m not sure if we want to tailgate in Florida, if this is what they do in Miami, what are they doing in Gainesville???? [youtube]DxO1cJKhsbc[/youtube] First its a juice pouch, next thing you know he’ll be hitting the whole milk and his […]


Video: Backyard Bellagio

Love the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas?  Well, looks like we didn’t need to travel all that far to see such a wonderous display.  Turns out you can create your own in your backyard! Just for comparison….here’s the real Bellagio fountains with “My Heart Will Go On” for your viewing pleasure:  

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PLAY: “Saved by the Bell” Interactive Game!

I LOVE that people have the time to come up with stuff like this!  It’s a “Saved by the Bell” Choose Your Own Adventure game all on YouTube!  If you have a few minutes to kill and spent your entire childhood crushing on either ZACK MORRIS or KELLY KAPOWSKI…you have to play this!!!  C’mon Preppy…What […]


Aggie’s Flash Mob in Academic Plaza:

Love it!! This is how it’s done in Aggieland!

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Video: Aziz Ansari REMIX!

This is awesome!!!!  I’m not sure how some people find the time to put together projects like this, but I’m so glad they do.  Mike Relm has chopped up Aziz Ansari’s comedy special “Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening” and turned it into what I think is a completely impressive remix!  If you’re an Aziz fan….you HAVE […]