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Video: Is “Batman-ing” the new “planking”?

First there was planking…then owling…then horse-manning.  Now we have the latest internet photo craze: Batman-ing.  Basically, you hang upsidedown from your feet on anything that you can.  This looks highly unsafe, so participate at your own risk.  Or…just watch these guys!  

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Video: Military covers Adele “Rolling in the Deep”

I know…there have already been a ka-trillion covers of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep,” but I think we can make room for one more!  Members of the Air National Guard in a band called Sidewinder put out a video in early August with their rendition of the song:  [youtube]eBaskRZDbNA[/youtube] From the YouTube description: “U.S. Air […]

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Video: Cow Goes Shopping!

A cow got loose in Austria and apparently needed a little Retail Therapy….  

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Jerrod Johnson – Thank You Aggieland

I played for the first time on my show today now here’s the youtube video!   [youtube]aHmYPeaVSY0[/youtube]   The Song is available at for Download NOW!

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VIDEO: Nicki Minaj AND TAYLOR SWIFT Collab on Superbass Live in LA!!!!

Odd combo of the year but it works, this is from Monday’s Taylor Swift concert in LA. Taylor was joined by Nicki Minaj to team up on Superbass. Too fun! PHOTO CREDIT: OK Magazine